Our agricultural activity

Exclusive, cooperatively managed and centralized production for the benefit of the product quality, food safety and with practices that respect the environment.


All FERME DES ARCHES producers are situated in the Loire Valley in the heart of the region Val de Loire, in the two departments Eure-et-Loir and Loiret, within a radius of only 15 km around our company’s location in Gommiers, community of Terminiers (28).

Morever, the affiliate "L'Arche Drômoise" place in the area La Drôme, with 4 garlic producers.


Our key figures


Production of 30 600 T of allium vegetables, potatoes and beetroot.



Allium vegetables Acreage



White Garlic 33 ha 270 T
Green Garlic 9 ha 100 T
(Direct Seeding)
19 ha 1 120 T
Shallot (Traditional) 13 ha 500 T
Banana shallot 8 ha 400 T
Onion bell 8 ha 250 T
Red onion 20 ha 1 020 T
Yellow onion (Short Day) 10 ha 500 T
Yellow onion (Sets) 22 ha 1 200 T
Yellow onion
(Early maturity)
62 ha 3 400 T
Yellow onion
(Long-term storage)
215 ha 13 000 T
Total 419 ha
21 760 T
Potatoes Acreage



Long-term storage 70 ha 4 300 T
Firm texture 60 ha 2 400 T
Total 130 ha
6 700 T
Beetroot Acreage



Industrial 19 ha 1 330 T
Total 50 ha
2947 T
Organic "BIO" Acreage



Garlic 2 ha 15 T
Yellow Onion 11 ha 450 T
Red Onion 1 ha 42 T
Shallot 3 ha 47 T
Total 17 ha
554 T



Agricultural production in the cycle
of the seasons






Direct seeding
and planting

March - April


Irrigations, crop,
protection, etc

April - July



July - September


Our organization

The production of allium vegetables is defined according to sales targets and is dependent on the annual sales forecast, which is prepared by the commercial department and the agricultural department.


According to the quantitative needs, the agricultural department defines the size of the acreage. Depending on their characteristics and observing the principles of crop rotation, the plants and varieties are then assigned to the different plots that are provided by the growers.


In February, the heads of the agricultural department organize an assembly for the launch of the harvest year in order to inform the growers about the allocation of the plants and to advise them concerning good agricultural practices (soil preparation, irrigation, crop protection etc.).


Direct seeding and planting are realized by the cultivation department of FERME DES ARCHES. All specific material belongs to the Producer Organization, and every piece of machinery is equipped with a GPS system. Thanks to this system, the different work steps on the field are optimized and the production costs are reduced. At this stage, a plot number is created in order to be able to identify every plot with its specific characteristics.




Irrigation and crop protection are carried out by the producers, at the technicians’ advice. Additionally, the producers can utilize decision-making-aids like irrigation management with the aid of a voltmeter and mildew control with the aid of computer models.


Every week, meetings are held with the producers on the fields in order to study the development of the plants and their needs. A report is then sent to all the producers so that they can implement the advice they have been given by the agricultural department.


Each producer has access in real-time at all times to the decision-making-aids and the meteorological data on the extranet in order to optimize all work steps. The data they enter are saved in order to guarantee the traceability of all steps.


The harvesting is organized by the cultivation department, with the assistance of the producers where required.


Once the harvesting is accomplished, an assembly is held to review the harvest year in which the producers of the organization are reminded of the most outstanding points of the year and in which the yield and an economic balance sheet of the fields and plots are presented. At the end of this assembly, a plan of action for a continual improvement process is established.



The organization is organized as a cooperative, so that every producer receives the same remuneration per hectare. Additionally, the producers receive graded quality bonuses to reward them for their individual agronomic performance. The organization as a cooperative is the distinctive feature of FERME DES ARCHES and incentivizes the producers to think primarily of quality and economic efficiency instead of achieving quantity.


The key objective always remains the satisfaction of customers and consumers. 

Our agricultural partnerships

FERME DES ARCHES is a member of the interprofessional group for the marketing of onions Section Interprofessionnelle de Première Mise en Marché (S.I.P.M.M.) and the association for seed-grown banana shallots Club Echalote de Semis. More information is available at www.oignon.info and www.echalotes.com.


FERME DES ARCHES has entered into production contracts for 7% of its sales volume :


  • Garlic: France (Rhône Valley), Spain and Argentina,
  • Traditional shallot: France (Bretagne),
  • Yellow onion: France (Beauce), New Zealand, Tasmania,
  • Red and white onion: Italy, Spain and New Zealand,
  • Sweet onion: France (Beauce), Chile and Spain,
  • Legumes: France and third countries


All of these products are selected with the greatest care by “Maître JEAN”. More than 30 years of technical experience in this sector guarantee consistently high quality, regardless of season.


Other partners are agricultural dealers, seed producers, distributors of plant protection products, and control and certification institutes.