Our commercial activity

 “Selling before producing” – with this motto, we meet our clients’ expectations and guarantee the authenticity and modernity of our products.

Our key figures

The consolidated turnover in 2017 of FERME DES ARCHES was 20 million euros, with 16 million euros in the allium vegetable sector.


Distribution of sales in allium vegetables :




  • FERME DES ARCHES sells 49% of its sales volume at specialized retailers and 51% in central markets and supermarkets.




  • At specialized retailers, the products of FERME DES ARCHES can be found, among others, at the Marchés d’intérêt national (MIN) (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux) and the Grossistes à service complet (GASC) (HEXAGRO – CRENO).



The production cycle



High quality 
order processing







customer care





Our business processes


  • Order management: Every morning, the incoming orders of clients are fed into the ERP system in order for the order processing department to organize and plan all the necessary steps of the industrial activities. The following day, an assistant is in charge of invoicing the order. For several years now, the EDI* and the digitalization of invoices have been managed by an ERP system. *EDI: Electronic Data Interchange



  • Merchandising: Once the order is shipped to the selling point, merchandisers are sometimes asked to place the products on the shelves in a way that will develop and increase sales.



  • The commercial customer care consists in regular visits to existing clients and listening to their expectations in order to meet them even better, as well as in the acquisition of new clients and conducting market analyses.




  • The marketing department is in charge of defining all key themes of the commercial campaigns. It designs and organizes the campaigns according to the festivities and holidays throughout the year. At the same time, it takes care of creating, renewing and modernizing the product lines of the allium vegetables and the packaging in order to respond to the developments on the market and in consumer behavior

Our range of products


Product Line C'SAVEURS :



FERME DES ARCHES innovates again by revisiting its core range called 'C' TASTES ".


C as Culture - Condiments - Kitchen!


FERME DES ARCHES reinforces its brand in the products' range Heart "in the distribution of linear while simplifying its offer.


A clear identification of its products Origin France, by affixing a logo

New packaging more readable and fresh, new labels and new nets..

Product Line "Eco"


These products meet customer price expectations. Their market share comprises 40% of all the sales in allium vegetables. 

Automatically packed, this line offers mesh
Bags of 1 kg / 2 kg / 3 kg
Bags of 5 kg / 10 kg / 20 kg / 25 kg

Product line "Suprême"



Cette gamme se positionne sur un nouveau segment dit : « PREMIUM ». Ce conditionnement est défini et adapté aux attentes actuelles d’un grand nombre de consommateurs : Authenticité, Praticité et Qualité.


  • Authentic: A picture of the respective grower on every package guarantees the origin and identity of the produce.
  • Practical: The size of the produce is specifically selected for suitability for cooking. The size of the package leads to an increase in purchasing frequency , thereby guaranteeing the freshness of the produce.
  • High quality: The produce is sorted, processed and packed by hand. The tubular net packaging makes presentation easier and increases their visibility on the shelves.



This product line consists of 6 pre-packed product types and 5 product types in crates (layers



The smaller package quantities with only a few bulbs aim to meet the different expectations of the consumers concerning quality, quantity and size; in addition, they increase purchasing frequency. 


The tubular net packaging facilitates presentation on the shelves and increases the legibility of the label from both sides.




Serving suggestion store



Product Line "Bio"


The ORGANIC PRODUCTS by Ferme des Arches are “AB” certified by Ecocert for all processes from production and storage through shipping.


These products are offered throughout the year, with their origins depending on the season.


The packing style is functional to appeal to as many customers as possible.






Product line "Légumineuse" – the legumes



This product line includes 4 product families with 14 different kinds of legumes. With their resealable fastening, the packaging style is very practical. On the back of each package, there are also cooking tips and recipes. 



Our publicity campaigns

Throughout the year, our clients are offered various commercial campaigns. These are based on major festivities or culinary events and aim to increase the sales dynamics in the fruit & vegetable division.


  • January/February: Campaign “Our pirates celebrate Carnival”
  • March/April: Campaign “Easter”
  • Mai/June: Campaign “Eat better, exercise more!”
  • August/September: Campaign “New crop”
  • October: Campaign “The week of taste”
  • November: Campaign “Legumes”
  • December: Campaign “Christmas: Celebration of allium vegetables” 








 Ferme des Arches has published the 12th edition of their magazine “Journal de Campagne”.

This edition of Journal de Campagne presents different subjects and links the topic of allium vegetables with thoughts on the market and the current harvest period. The edition highlights a variety of allium vegetables, focusing on the French production.