Ferme des arches

45 growers, organized around one single farm, to fully follow the motto “from farm to table” and fully focus on the satisfaction of customers and consumers.

Our history



Four growers join forces in order to jointly cultivate and pack 8 ha of onions and 1.5 ha of potatoes.



Initial investments in centralized storage facilities: refrigerated pallet box warehouses for 3,400 tons of potatoes and a bulk warehouse for 2,500 tons of onions, non-insulated.



Foundation of a new packaging center for allium vegetables. Construction of warehouses for bulk storage and modern pallet box storage for allium vegetables.



Setup of a quality control and traceability service (downstream and upstream).



Foundation of the limited company SA FERME DES ARCHES for the distribution of allium vegetables with the motto: “Selling what we produce”. 


Reconnaissance en tant qu’ORGANISATION de PRODUCTEURS par le ministère de l’Agriculture : 93% DES VOLUMES commercialisés sont issus de la Production.



Increase in the number of producers to 35 within a radius of 15 km around the site.



Setting up the economic, financial and legal structure of the producer organization.



Setup of the product range comprising several product lines. First: the product line “TRADITIONNELLE”.



Market launch of the organic range with the product line “BIO”, certification by ECOCERT.



Introduction of 100% biodegradable packaging, first certification in the fruit and vegetables division with “OK compost”.



Efforts of the management to receive the ISO 9001 quality management standard certification.



100% of the producers receive the GLOBALG.A.P. certification.



Introduction of a new product line for allium vegetables: “SUPRÊME”.



Obtain the certification : IFS Food "Higher Level".



Obtain the certification : BRC Food.



6 new growers join FERME DES ARCHES, 3 of them are garlic producers from "La Drôme".

Creation of affiliate from La Drôme which name is "L'Arche Drômoise".



Membership of  "Collectif Nouveaux Champs" and commitment in the process "Zero Residue of Pesticides"

Intgration of 3 new producers in FERME DES ARCHES, with 1 garlic producer from "La Drôme".

Our Philosophy

  • Production aligned by our clients’ expectations in order to build long-term partnerships
  • Ethical and moral behavior towards our producers, employees and suppliers
  • Combining our strengths in order to take advantage of opportunities for further development and innovation
  • Actively shaping our future through the implementation of a policy of sustainable development
  • Strengthening our economic efficiency in order to secure our future viability and independence 


Our geographic location

Situated in the Loire Valley and in the heart of the region La Petite Beauce, FERME DES ARCHES benefits from a location that is especially well-adapted for the production of high quality allium vegetables.

Our key figures

  • 45 associated growers,
  • 500 ha of agricultural production (allium vegetables – potatoes –beetroot),
  • 30 000 tons of marketed goods,
  • 90 % of sales volume comes from our own production,
  • 1 single site for storage and packaging on 31 000 m²,
  • 160 permanent employees and more than 140 seasonal workers in the summer,
  • Turnover in 2017 of 20.2 million euros


Our shareholders : the producers

  • 97% of FERME DES ARCHES shares are held by the growers, 3% by the employees
  • FERME DES ARCHES comprises 45 producers associated in a producer organization (PO), recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture (No. 28FL2338 of December 14, 2001)



Our competences - Job offers

Agriculture occupations

  • Driver
  • Agricultural mechanic
  • Crop manager
  • Agricultural engineer

Industrial occupations

  • Forklift operator
  • Agricultural grader & sorter
  • Packer
  • Order picker
  • Maintenance worker
  • Order processor
  • Quality engineer
  • Industrial manager

Administrative occupations

  • Personnel manager
  • IT developer
  • Accountant
  • Controller
  • Financial manager

Commercial occupations

  • Merchandiser
  • Sales assistant
  • Sales representative
  • Marketing
  • Sales & marketing manager


Offres d'emploi

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