Our industrial activity

Our modern tools guarantee a respectful handling of the product and absolutely reliable traceability (downstream and upstream).

Our key figures

  • One single industrial site with a surface of 31 000 m2,
  • A receiving capacity of 2000 T per day,
  • A storage capacity of 24 000 t, with a capacity in the refrigerated warehouse for 4 000 t of potatoes and 6 000 t of allium vegetables,
  • A warehouse with 12 000 pallet boxes,
  • Packing and shipping of 170 pallets and 195 orders per day

The production cycle











Our process


All incoming harvested produce is transported to a single site and emptied into a receiving hopper for a first cleaning and sorting. The drying of allium vegetables takes place in pallet boxes or in bulk.










This is one of the most crucial steps to guarantee optimal produce quality. There are two ways of drying: bulk storage on slatted floors, and storage in pallet boxes where the produce is temporarily stored in the “letter box” storage facility. The produce is then either put on the market within a few weeks, or else naturally preserved for several months in the refrigerated warehouse.







Storage :


Type of ventilation Storage Capacity



Ventilated bulk storage Non-insulated 7000 T

October - January

insulated 3000 T

February - April

Pallet box storage in the “Letter Box” insulated 3200 T

July – September/April

Refrigerated  warehouse, insulated 4000 T

March - June




The allium vegetables are taken out of storage, topped, sorted, graded and sometimes prepared by hand according to the client’s desired quantity and type of produce.


During these processes, every pallet box is precisely identified (produce, size and origin) by being scanned in real time in order to guarantee complete traceability and to optimize inventory management.







Packing :

Packing is divided into 3 groups :

  • Large package size: Two automatic conveyor belts for packing into bags (1 t – 5 kg).
  • Standard: One automatic conveyor belt for packing into mesh bags (1 kg – 3 kg).
  • Premium: Seven semi-automated or manual conveyor belts pack produce selected for its excellent quality into various packages, ranging from a single bulb to produce tied into bunches to bulk packaging in crates.


Interactive touch-screens are installed on every packaging belt in order to visualize each individual operation, store the operator controls (labeling, weight…), and input the comments (errors, product quality…). The production efficiency is thus increased, and above all, a continuous and entirely computerized traceability is obtained.



Order processing & shipping:

Every morning, our clients’ orders are fed into an ERP (Enterprise-Resource-Planning) system, processed, and shipped in the afternoon. On average, 108 orders are processed every day, which represent about 122 pallets.


Every shipment has its own barcode, which is scanned by an employee in order to ensure traceability for the shipping process.


FERME DES ARCHES is GLOBALG.A.P.-certified for all processes, from production to shipping.


The transportation logistics are entirely outsourced.

Our business partnerships

To ensure the good functioning of its industrial activity, FERME DES ARCHES has entered into partnerships with its suppliers :


  • For its industrial machines
  • For its packaging
  • For the transport of its merchandise: 8 regional and national (French) companies
  • For its efforts to receive the certification "Agriculture Biologique" (production and farm) and ISO/IFS.


Internally, FERME DES ARCHES has a maintenance service ensuring the maintenance of the machines and risk prevention, as well as an IT service for the internal development of informatics tools (ERP*, CMMS**, CAPM***) and the management of the IT and telephone systems.


  • *ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning
  • **CMMS :Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • ***CAPM: Computer-Aided Production Management